The Frenz Experiment

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The Frenz Experiment - MP3

In 1987, The Fall scored their first UK Top 30 singles chart position with their cover of the Northern Soul standard, “There’s A Ghost In My House”, and supported it with a series of career-best shows. “Hit The North”, one of their much-loved anthems, followed in October and then, finally, <i>The Frenz Experiment</i> – which contained these songs, was released at the end of February 1988.

<i>“I was clearing out the other day and I came across a review of Frenz Experiment, saying how this could have been great, how it could have been like T. Rex’s Electric Warrior. I never attempted to make an album like T-Rex. I don’t see the point in anybody trying to make an album like T-Rex, although people do. I don’t mind it when journalists make fair comparisons, when they’ve done their homework. But comparing Frenz to Electric Warrior is plain daft.”</i>
- Mark E Smith, Renegade – The Lives And Tales Of Mark E Smith, 2008